Natasha Mathew, Founder & Creative Director

Tashenka Design was born out of an experience that taught me an invaluable lesson during my five year architectural course that earned me my degree. 
It was my final year of University, the semester of my thesis. I decided to take on an unconventional approach and met with a local non-profit and asked them a simple question: "How can architecture help contribute to society?" They told me of a rescue home for trafficked women and children in the western parts of India. They mentioned the success in the rescue process and the challenges of having safe spaces for rehabilitation.
I decided to adopt this topic for my thesis, packed my bags, and traveled to some unknown  parts of west India where I met with women and children who were rescued from years of unbelievable exploitation. Unfortunately, the spaces they were rescued into were poorly designed and did not provide comfort and a sense of safety. 
I had to ask myself whether architecture could change ones' outlook on life by making simple changes to ones' surroundings.  Can providing a suitable space give hope and contribute to mental healing? Something as simple as creating a window in a dark space changes the way people respond to their condition.
There is an undeniable link between well-designed spaces and the human psyche.
I got back from my studies knowing what I had to do. 
Since then, I moved to Vancouver, BC and have been working as a home designer for almost five years. I specialize in interior architecture and renovations and take great delight in bringing joy to my clients  by making their spaces functional and beautiful. My aesthetic is clean, open and bright.
I am a young entrepreneur committed to creating beautiful functional spaces that make homes a joy to live in.